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    The Most Importent Blog

    December 17, 2011 by Minevale54321

    This is a new blog that will be starting on Christmas Eve. There will be no edits till then because I setting p the website itself. Time to time I will edit after Christmas. I'm aiming at a goal of daily,if not every two days. I AM looking for 2-3 administrators. I will NOT tolerate asking for ranks. Administrators will be my helpers. I WILL let ONE person to take ownership.

    I have found 3 administrators but if they do a bad job, they will be demoted to beareaucat. Once under 2 I will get one more or two more. Thanks for checking my blog today! I recommend that HIGHLY that you check my blog every day. BYE EVERYONE! Rank list Guest Member Beareaucat Administrator Founder.

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