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A sight that excites anyone

"Normal words cannot begin to describe the resplendence of these, rarest of all dragons. The first person to ever witness one stared for hours before running home to send a poet to describe the beast. When the poet arrived, the dragon had left without a trace, leading many to believe that the explorer made up the whole thing. Only now do we realize he wasn't crazy at all."

Incubation time: 48 hours

Buying price: 2,500 Gems Selling price: 2,500,000 Gold

Hatch:100,000 exp


Automated NamesEdit

*Names in Italics are unconfirmed until they can be proven to be natural default names.

  • Fang
  • Geoff
  • Kooks
  • Scales
  • Spike
  • Steve
  • Bluey
  • Bob
  • Speedy
  • Rex
  • Lou


One of the rarest of all dragons. It is the ultimate goal of any dragon master to obtain this dragon.

Like many of the other dragons, the breeding and hatching of a Rainbow is the challenge of one of the in game Goals, but it is unique in being the only breed that has an achievement devoted entirely to breeding two of them. Naturally the unpredictable nature of breeding a Rainbow Dragon leads to this achievement being one of the last ones most players get.