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Welcome to the Dragonvale, anyone can edit WikiEdit

Dragonvale is a free game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod 4th gen. It is not one of the most popular games but it is very good

Discription of DragonvaleEdit

Dragonvale uses game centers ability to make friends to give gems and visit friends parks. The ultimate thing to do in Dragonvale is getting a Rainbow Dragon.All though Sun Dragon and Moon Dragon are the second best.

Polls and VotingEdit

Whats your fav. Dragon out of these?

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Plant Dragons
Plant Flag Plant Dragon Poison Dragon Flower Dragon Moss Dragon Tree Dragon
Swamp Dragon Seaweed Dragon Willow Dragon Reindeer Dragon
Earth Dragons
Earth Flag Earth Dragon Moss Dragon Lava Dragon Tree Dragon Mountain Dragon
Crystal Dragon Quake Dragon Mud Dragon Sandstorm Dragon Bone Dragon
Fire Dragons
Fire Flag Fire Dragon Poison Dragon Flower Dragon Lava Dragon Firefly Dragon
Blazing Dragon Blue Fire Dragon Scorch Dragon Bone Dragon
Cold Dragons
Cold Flag Cold Dragon Mountain Dragon Blue Fire Dragon Storm Dragon Ice Dragon
Snow Dragon Reindeer Dragon
Lightning Dragons
Lightning Flag Lightning Dragon Firefly Dragon Crystal Dragon Quake Dragon Storm Dragon
Scorch Dragon Sonic Dragon
Water Dragons
Water Flag Water Dragon Swamp Dragon Ice Dragon Mud Dragon Seaweed Dragon
Fog Dragon
Air Dragons
Air Element Flag Air Dragon Willow Dragon Blazing Dragon Fog Dragon Sonic Dragon
Snow Dragon Sandstorm Dragon

Rare & Holiday DragonsEdit

Rare Dragons are those that don't fall into the category of Hybrid or Pure-Bred Dragons. They are usually bred using secret combinations of dragons and have a low chance of success (as with most "rare" things). They are unique dragons that once obtained, can only breed with their own type. All of their habitats are 2x2 (very small) with the dragon itself being rather large and prominent which leads to the conclusion that Rare Dragons are just as much of a trophy to show off as it is a personal accomplishment to breed one.

Holiday Dragons are more like normal dragons and are rare because they are only available to be bred from a combination of dragons during a small window of weeks of the associated holiday season.

Rare Dragons
Rainbow flag on island
Rainbow Dragon
Sun flag
Sun Dragon
Moon flag
Moon Dragon
Holiday Dragons
Bone Dragon (Halloween) Reindeer Dragon (Christmas)

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